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Ascent - excerpt 1
Ascent - excerpt 2
Ascent - excerpt 3
Ascent - excerpt 4

Roberto Crippa

Ascent (LP)

Label: Second Sleep

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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**200 copies** Roberto Crippa is an italian sound-artist based in London and here is his third album. The refined work of "Ascent" is a deep dive into a dense and gloomy mixture of boulder rhytms, distressing atmospheres and sinister clangors. Although it could be easily ascribed to the industrial genre as well to more sleepy, nebulous and crumpled drifts of (post)techno realms, there’s something strongly personal and idiosyncratic that flows as decisive detail through the grooves of this record. Human warmth envelopes the sound matter like a shroud, machines spread organic fragrances to settle a hyper-realistic soundtrack for the confusing and dark times we’re living.

Cat. number: SS089
Year: 2019