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The Underground Life Forms - 1
The Underground Life Forms - 2

Tambour Doux

The Underground Life Forms Of A Past Trouble (tape)

Label: Second Sleep

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

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Tambour Doux is a project by Canedicoda, a multi-disciplinary artist who works in music, performance, fashion and design. He is also currently active playing as Ottaven, and in Primorje, Fantamatres, Tambour Doux and has 24 years long project as duo with the dancer Roberta Mosca called Musica per un giorno. Mainly his idea of sound is a result of minimal inputs, poor electronics, spurious rhythms, fragrant loops, field recordings, far voices and memories of objects. Improvised compositions that go drifting up to get stuck in the interludes of their exhaustion developing new immaginary landscapes, time-space introspective and relaxing areas

Cat. number: SS091
Year: 2020