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Emerald Tablet - Echoes (1)
Emerald Tablet - Echoes (2)

Somei Satoh

Emerald Tablet / Echoes (LP)

Label: WRWTFWW Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic


Another superb mystic and meditative harmonics originally release by ALM and now fully reissued.

Wrwtfww present this vinyl-only release of Somei Satoh's pivotal, 'Emerald Tablet / Echoes' - it's one of the strongest examples of Satoh's tactile and meditative approach to composition, an engrossing, intuitive refinement of the techniques and practice he honed over prior years at NHK's Studio with two major pieces from Somei Satoh's discography.
'Emerald Tablet' breaks down to nearly 30 minutes making up a mesmerising voyage to the heart of the drone using source material from his unique take on musique concrète and tape music, sound harmonics made up of tubular bell, cymbals, and 'kin' (Buddhist standing bell) only, overdubbed to infinity looped up and effected with various early tape techniques.
'Echoes' - composed for the "Mist, Sound, and Light Festival," a 10-day event organized by the hot spring tourist association of Kawaji, Tochigi Prefecture, held on May 20-29, 1981. Played at the Kawaji hot spring's Ojika river valley - 8 gigantic loudspeakers set up on hills surrounding the stream, with music played through an octuple channel-tape system. A combined length of cables connected with the loudspeakers exceeding one kilometers.
 It's a breathtaking and beguiling body of work, opening up whole worlds of sound from so very, very little. Fall into the ambient vastness, let yourself go.


Cat. number: WRWTFWW038 LP
Year: 2020

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