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Label: Biophon Records

Format: LPx2

Genre: Electronic

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**Deluxe gatefold reissue, re-mastered and cut by Stefan Betke (Pole), including 14 minute bonus track. David Stubbs, Melody Maker, 1997: "The best ambient album i've heard in an ice age, an album of terrifying, desolate and all-enveloping beauty"** Biosphere's 'Substrata' is a rarely topped pinnacle of the '90s ambient canon. On its 18th birthday, the album's producer Geir Jenssen's Biophon label treats it to a subtle facelift at Pole's mastering desk, reanimating the still-mindblowing likes of 'Sphere Of No-Form' in all their captivating and frost-bitten wonder. As far as end-of-the-world isolationist music and sound design goes, this album remains one of the most affective we've ever heard. Essential listening for fans of the cold, life-affirming music of Thomas Köner, Mika Vainio, or Deathprod.

Cat. number: BIO5LP
Year: 2015

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