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Keith Fullerton Whitman

Taking Away


Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

here are two pieces from august 2008 ; built from “playthroughs” -style guitar / synthesizer / computer improvisations recorded april 2008 ; (time crawls when you live in a bubble) ...the “side 1” half is the tail-end of said improv, run through a low-pass filter taking its cut-off frequency from the relative “loudness” of the audio (i.e. the louder it gets, the more high-end it let through) - a nice & simple piece that turned out well (there’s even a bit of “dry” guitar playing at the end there) ...
the “side a” half covers the beginning of the improv, with the computer essentially “playing” the doepfer, recording the output, then re-introducing filtered variants of the recording back into the mix minutes later ... this builds into a frenzy of over-laid pointillist synth blips (i like this part - listen to the sound-sample) that coalesce into the drone that makes up the “side 1” half (loop and repeat) ...
brad’s done a great job translating the music into a fractal-heavy design spec ; the tape comes wrapped in a block-printed j-card rife with fractal alterations ... i have a couple hundred of these on hand, so no rush in picking it up ; it’ll be here for a while ...
Cat. number: ltd#40
Year: 2009