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Tape-Recordings 1981-82

Label: Vinyl-On-Demand


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Olaf Schirm alias Symboter is a berlin-born electronic artist and musician. In the late 70s he lived in Munich. At that time he got Inspired by early Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk and other international computer music avantgarde artists. He used commercial synthesizers imported from Japan and his gigantic custom-built Symboter Modular System.

As technician of Gershon Kingsley ("Popcorn", "I feel love" sequence) he was able to use his Moog Modular System in many of his own songs andf compositions. His music was released on various cassettes, blue colored studio works and orange colored for live recordings. The cassettes were distributed by the Syntape cassette label and also offered via Molto Menz "Du bist so gut zu mir"

Later Symboter composed Music for TV and a movie, then he went into computer animation and robotics and is nowadays returning to his music roots in his artistic works again This Lp-Compilation is a selection from his three Studio-Tapes from 1981/82 released on Syntape which were called "Synchroton" (SYN06), "Matrix" (SYN005) and "Phon-Ethik" (SYN017).

A finest selection of Minimalsynth-tracks with a touch of Neue Deutsche Welle meeting Kraftwerk at its best

Cat. number: VOD115.07
Year: 2013
Genre: Electronic