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Absolute Body Control

Tapes 81-89


Format: CDbox

Genre: Electronic

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A sumptuous 5-CD box-set covering the entire discography of the cult Absolute Body Control band. Influenced by bands from the German and UK electronic scene, Dirk Ivens (synths & voice) formed the band early 1980, and was joined by Mark de Jonghe (synths) and Veerle de Schepper (backing vocals). After a first track on a compilation and a first 7" single (Is there an exit?), Mark leaves the band and Eric van Wonterghem (who was in fact a spectator at the first ABC concert), filled in the gap and became Dirk's new musical partner for years to come. Soon ABC became one of the first Belgian electronic acts who proved to be succesfull also on stage. In 1984 Dirk became a member of "The Klinik", followed by Eric who left after the 2nd album to form Insekt. In 1989 they released their last tape "Tracks" which contained all ABC compilation contributions so far, but the band was put on non active well before.
Cat. number: D1051CD
Year: 1970