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The Ascent of Deimos - Excerpt 1
The Ascent of Deimos - Excerpt 2
The Ascent of Deimos - Excerpt 3
The Ascent of Deimos - Excerpt 4

Torture Chain

The Ascent of Deimos (LP)

Label: Hospital Productions

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


** 2021 Stock ** Hospital Productions presents The Ascent of Deimos by Torture Chain. Morbid and baroque keyboard organ intros accompany a caustic and harsh hammering black death metal, complete with ripping guitar solos courtesy of Arthur Rizk with winding interactive single note leads set atop the crumbling temple of riffs. Highlights even hit the stressful agony of mayhem's chimera at its nastiest peaks or the angular dissonance of corpse vomit’s debut. This could easily have sat alongside some of the forgotten gems of the wild rags catalog - a moment when underground was a monstrous and uncomfortable mix of elements - and a journey that if one overcame the obstacles they were rewarded with knowledge. New album from lone torturer - the influence of greek black metal is mutated alongside old American death metal.

Cat. number: HOS-658
Year: 2020

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