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    The chronograph

    Label: Helen Scarsdale Agency

    Format: CD

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    Collaborating under the moniker Coelacanth, Loren Chasse and Jim Haynes construct sound to favor empathy, evocation, and transcendence. Initially, Coelacanth's quest may have been to engage the drone supreme, an aesthetic previously sought by C.M. von Hausswolff, Morton Feldman, and :zoviet*france:. Yet, the duo is known to get distracted by the minutae of sound itself, or some instantaneous revelation about the history of decay, or simply the sublime beauty of nature. The drone in fact does go on, but it's course is quite circuitous. The Chronograph is the debut release from Coelacanth. The album opens with an lengthy passage of creakingly creepy submariner ambience as if the oxidization process itself had been amplified within the realm of the audible. Spiked electrical surges and controlled feedback oscillations build the intensity of the album, until Coelacanth unleashes their symphony of tiny whirring machines, gritty textual striations, and clattering pulsations. "The Chronograph" then descends into a blissful tone float of dense bell reverberations and oceanic washes of shortwave. Independent of each other, both Haynes and Chasse have qualified this album as "phosphorescent." Limited edition to 500 copies with hand rusted artwork.
    Cat. number: hms 002
    Year: 2008
    Genre: Electronic