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Sun Ra Arkestra

The Eternal Myth Revealed Vol.1


Format: 14xCD + Book

Genre: Jazz

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Monumental 14-CD Boxed Set subtitles "The Story Of A Universal Being and his Music, Vol. 1: Covering 1933-1959". Contains thirteen hours of unreleased and ultra-rare music plus 5" x 10" paperback book of the definitive Sun Ra Autobiographical commentary.  A very limited release!  Don't wait too long on this one.

The first box set collaboration between Transparency and Michael D. Anderson of The Sun Ra Music Archive features nearly 17 hours of unreleased and ultra-rare studio and live music plus definitive Sun Ra spoken autobiographical commentary.  Fifty sides from 78-rpm records were recently transferred for this project at Rutgers University.  The sound quality on every track is perfect.

According to a product description: "Part One examines Sun Ra's early 1920s Blues Vocal and 1930s Big Band influences, his first recordings in 1946 as a piano sideman, his arrangements and compositions, Sun Ra as a singer in the late 1940s, his trio in 1949, creating the sound for vocalists Laverne Baker and Joe Williams, coaching The Hambone Kids in 1952 and the late 1940s Afro-Cuban influences of band leader Perez Prado and other rare facts and musically unheard inclusions."

Cat. number: TRANS 0316
Year: 2012
Comprehensive overview of Sun Ra's early years 1914-1959 - fourteen discs containing 16 hours & 54 mins of ultra-rare & unreleased music taken from fifty 78rpms plus autobiographical commentary and a 5"x10" book with over 100 pages of extensive sleevenotes by executive director of the Sun Ra Music archive, Michael Anderson

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