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Loren Chasse

The footpath


Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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"Here, sounds move like rolling a coin along the ground on its edge - simple, gentle, yet full of wonder... Music at its most tactile nature, quietly rubbing dirt clods in your hands until dust... Drift, a whole lot of drift, of small crackling presences, clear wind, field recordings of unknown activities, and tones again but this time more present - more music, and then a feeling like sagebrush rolling in wind, desolate, and then the tones return, and there are all these moments when desolate becomes beauty. There are shifts and also stillness... We are told we are on a footpath, but even more so, we are submerged inside of an ear-path, where the earth is transformed not through handling, but through listening. Loren places his ear upon the earth and begins his journey. We've all wished at times that we could present our dreams, or other complex things inside of us, to others exactly as we can see or hear them within us. In this case, Loren has given us access to this little listening space inside his head, for we hear things we could only hear if we were inside him - it is the sounds of the world, sometimes manipulated by his hands, resonating through the earth and moving into us through his ears.' Steve Roden
Cat. number: NS3007
Year: 2008

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