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Loren Chasse

The air in the sand


Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Loren Chasse is a member of the Jewelled Antler Collective, and his solo work on The Air in The Sand is nothing short of extraordinary. Via a series of sweeping atmospheres, and brooding at times almost melodic deep tones, Chasse edits together densely layered field recordings to conjure up nostalgic feelings of a windswept oceans and cold barren beaches without ever explicitly referencing either. With shifting, gradually building drones and white noise arranged carefully in swells between cicadas and other less identifiable sounds, Chasses excels in harnessing the rich vibrancy of his outdoor recordings, his recording techniques expertly distilling the life of his found sounds. It's an incredibly evocative listen that is subtly worked and brimming with hidden surprises. A welcome reminder of the immense grandeur of nature and the myriad of possibilities in harnessing it for sonic possibilities, The Air in the Sand is an incredible life affirming experimental work from impressive Melbourne label Naturestrip.
Cat. number: NS3004
Year: 2005

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