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Alan Wilkinson, John Coxon, Pat Thomas, Steve Noble

The Founder Effect II

Label: Treader

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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With a generosity of spirit that is touching, the three tracks on this disc are titled after deceased (and much missed) improv heroes—drummer Tony Marsh, saxophonists Lol Coxhill and John Tchicai. (Coxhill never recorded for Treader but Marsh and Tchicai both did.) That gesture serves as a reminder of the close-knit nature of the improv community—a factor which is vital to its music.

Although this CD features the same four musicians as the first one, Coxon here plays synthesiser instead of guitar and Thomas plays piano instead of synth, radically changing the quartet's sound and dynamics. Right from the opening chord, the presence of the piano makes the music feel more structured. Coxon uses the synth in a similar way to Thomas, to add coloration and emphasis; apart from occasions in "Tchicai" he hardly dominates or takes the spotlight.

Noble and Wilkinson play similar roles to before, both still being very impressive on their Treader debut. Although this is a quartet of four equals, theirs tend to be the quartet's dominant sounds, repeatedly attracting attention, particularly on the brief "Coxhill" which at times verges on becoming a duo. Their extensive experience together in their long-standing trio with bassist John Edwards has obviously tuned them in to each other's playing habits and they react accordingly, to the benefit of the whole quartet.

Cat. number: trd017
Year: 2014

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