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The Recommended Sampler 1982 25th Anniversary Edition

Label: ReR Megacorp

Format: CDx2

Genre: Rock

In stock


RESTOCKED! By 1982, recommended was in its fourth year. the catalog had expanded and the label was firmly established. a sampler seemed an obvious and necessary next step. we asked the most interesting groups in our catalog to record something new. the result was two hours of music released as a double lp in a hand silk-screened sleeve that was a time capsule - a tidy slice taken across a fascinating forking of musical paths that captured a moment of growth that foresaw a variety of possible futures. 26 years on, it has become a highly-prized collector's item." (label info) feat. vogel, faust, art bears, stormy six, the homosexuals, joseph racaille & patrick portella, feliu gasul, the black sheep, univers zero, aksak maboul/honeymoon killers, the work, henry cow, decibel, art zoyd, the muffins, heiner goebbels, amos, conventum, vera c, this heat, the residents, r. stevie moore, ron pate/raudelunas, piccio dal pozzo and roberty wyatt.

Cat. number: ReR 25A/B
Year: 2009

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