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The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

The Soundhouse

Label: Silva Screen

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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When you think of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, we’d wager most of the time it’s in context of their seminal ‘60s and ’70-s output. However, The Soundhouse (1983) proves there was much to marvel at in their early ‘80s catalogue, too, summing up the great advances in technology between their Radiophonic Workshop - 21 collection and their acquisition of a Fairlight CMI - the first digital sampling synth - which is thoroughly, imaginatively demonstrated throughout. Horses for courses and all that blather, but these ears are definitely more partial to digital synths (grew up in the ’80s, can’t help it) and are marvelling right now at the likes of Peter Howell’s haunting Lascaux theme, and the mallets & bamboo vibes of Dawn by Jonathan Gibbs, whilst sweeter, computerised treats appear in the binary creme of Peter Howell & Dick Mills’ Fancy Fish (“Aquarium”)  and Elizabeth Parker’s frankly ridiculous Radio Blackburn theme or the loopy bittersweet boogie of Radiophonic Rock.

Cat. number: SILED1511
Year: 2017