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Various Artists

Tradewinds: The Wavesailing Film (Lp)

Label: Pacific City Sound Vision

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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If Patrick Cowley, Tangerine Dream and Prince recorded the soundtrack to an educational documentary on the homoeroticism of wind sailing, it might well have sounded something like this... “Tradewinds” The Wavesailing Film is the new LP of unreeled rot yok on Spencer Clarke’s outrageous Pacific City Sound Visions. This is a masterclass in sub-sub-genre study, chuffed up on so much positivity and salty bliss that it’s hard not to charmed by its blazing white toothed grin. Read on for an equally masterful promo text from S. Clarke:

"somewhere out there, many years ago the story of evolution tool an unexpected turn...on an isolated tropical island, far from the acid rain of civilization a new breed of man  was born, he was called homowavesailor"

alternatively titled: "homoswavesailors", as jack mccoy's 1984 film about the birth of windsurfing, details, through the gaze of the sport as a pre-historic ancient ritual, the exploits of a few of the sports originators.  backing up the clear 80's blue visuals of waves white washed wind blasted sfx, is a variety of original pop and synth music made by the films' composer, chris eggleton.  there are no song titles, rather each track is spiced-up with wind and wave sound fx, which were originally meant to act as sound accents for wave sail action in the film.  The pop songs are beach-spiked hits, sounding like new zealand' flying nun rock, or blasted out prince chorus funk,  but with added film sound fx, the essence of the silver screen begins to creep into the medium of audio disc!  the synth music on "tradewinds' sounds as if tangerine dream made inspirational beach movie  tracks during the height of their "firestarter" period.   The mix, is arranged by pacific city, so that the summer  doesnt crash and burn.  For the first time in history, pacific city sound visions presents: the original motion picture soundtrack to "tradewinds"  on vinyl lp. break down.....  shake down.....  ya busted......

Cat. number: PCSV 37
Year: 2017

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