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File under: weirdExotica

Ìxtahuele, Eden Ahbez

Eden Ahbez's Dharmaland


Eden Ahbez's Dharmaland, arranged and performed by Ixtahuele, is the first-ever recording of this long-lost masterwork by the original hippie composer. Resurrected from Ahbez’s unrecorded sheet music, c. 1961-63. Ixtahuele has woven an enchanted tapestry of mystic exotica and experimental pop that re- establishes the songwriter as a forefather of psychedelic music and brings his work into the present.

They are joined by a host of guest artists, including nine of Ahbez’s friends and former collaborators, as well as contemporary performers Kadhja Bonet, Xenia Kriisin, and King Kukulele. The composer’s own handmade drums and bamboo flutes also appear throughout the recordings. As author Domenic Priore writes: "Dharmaland is to Eden Ahbez what Smile was to Brian Wilson."

File under: weirdExotica
Cat. number: SUB-132-2LP
Year: 2018
Limited edition black vinyl version.