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File under: Exotica

Gino Marinuzzi Jr.

Servizio dall'Oriente (1971)

Label: Cometa

Format: CD

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Lovely 1971 library re-release, a survey for a reading of Malaysian stories (describing in an  exciting way the charm, mystery and exoticism of Malaysia, Singapore,  Indonesia and China), with an overall elegant background of oriental music that blends with decidedly Western  sounds, often experimental, giving life to a fascinating and unforgettable jazzy musical texture. The characteristic of the topics, which are sometimes sweet and  melancholy, or descriptive, is to contain slow sounds that alternate with  very bright and lively  rhythms.

Gino Marinuzzi Jr. has enjoyed a half-century as one of Italy's top movie composers and one of the great innovators in electronic and experimental music. The son of Gino Marinuzzi (1882-1945), one of Italy's most renowned conductors (and a composer of some significance as well), he was born in New York in 1920, and studied in Milan. Marinuzzi turned from conducting to composing early in his career, for Italian radio and films, and by the mid-'50s had developed a serious interest in electronic music. He wrote scores for such diverse filmmakers as Jean Renoir and Mario Bava, in addition to helping to devise a key instrument in that field, the Fonosynth 2.

File under: Exotica
Cat. number: CMT10031
Year: 2013

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