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excerpt 1 - Ritmica
excerpt 2 - Allunage
excerpt 3 - Sisma
excerpt 4 - Per Cembalo
excerpt 5 - Dal Profondo
excerpt 6 - Aggressività
excerpt 7 - Siberia
excerpt 8 - Computers

Egisto Macchi

Seven Original Library Albums (7xLP bundle)

Label: Gemelli, Cometa, Globevision

Format: 7 LP in bundle

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

This special bundle collects a selection of seven Egisto Macchi library albums

- Sei Composizioni (Gemelli)

- Contemporanea (Gemelli)

- Andes (Globevision)

- Parliamo di... N.1 (Cometa)

- Parliamo di... N.2 (Cometa)

- Preludi e non (Cometa)

- Dolce Russia (Cometa)

Egisto Macchi (1928-1992) was one of the great figures in 20th Century Italian sound. Arguably most well known for his membership in the seminal avant-garde collective, Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, with Ennio Morricone, Franco Evangelisti, Frederic Rzewski, Roland Kayn, Walter Branchi, and numerous others, like his friend, collaborator, and peer, Morricone, Macchi dedicated a great deal of his creative energy working within the field of film and television, composing over 50 cinema soundtracks, and approximately 1.000 for documentaries and television shows, quietly weaving a vast and unique form of sonic radicalism into the popular realm.

Macchi’s albums from the 1970’s represent some of the most remarkable and striking recordings, from anywhere, of the era - a stunning expanse of thrilling sound, which most often falls into the territory of Library Music - a body of recordings which was generally commissioned and owned by record labels, to be licensed for use within television programs, radio, and film, as stock or background music.

Cat. number: MacchiBundle2020
Year: 2020

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