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Ricerca - excerpt 1
Ricerca - excerpt 2
Ricerca - excerpt 3

Vittorio Gelmetti

Ricerca (LP)

Label: Gemelli

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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**Very rare original 1972 LP masterpiece, few copies available.** Ultra rare LP of experimental electronic music on Gemelli. Vittorio Gelmetti was one of the best italian radical composers at the same level of Walter Marchetti, Giuseppe Chiari, and Piero Grossi. Member with Chiari of MEV (Musica Elettronica Viva), Gelmetti found himself amidst many activities in the 1960s, composing for film, completing orchestral work, and then, as we find here, creating electronic works.

This collection focuses on two aspects of his work with electronics: the harsher, more drone-oriented tape pieces and the more playful plunderphonic exercises. His tendency toward continuous sound forms is a rare trait in tape-based works, and is certainly the attraction here. These works, which bookend the collection, are built from layered sheets of sound which take on a variety of timbral characters over time and are quite ominous in tone.

Cat. number: GG.ST. 10.023
Year: 1972

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