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Africa Nera Africa Rossa - excerpt 1
Africa Nera Africa Rossa - excerpt 2
Africa Nera Africa Rossa - excerpt 3
Africa Nera Africa Rossa - excerpt 4
Africa Nera Africa Rossa - excerpt 5

Sergio Montori, Gian Paolo Chiti

Africa Nera Africa Rossa (LP)

Label: Cometa

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

**Very rare original 1980 LP, numbered edition of 500 copies few copies available.** We managed to obtain very few copies of this original soundtrack album, issued by Cometa exactly 40 years ago in their "Serie speciale numerata per collezionisti", a numbered series aimed at collectors. The 14 tracks on Africa Nera Africa Rossa served as soundtrack to the 1978 Italian RAI TV movie in three episodes of the same name directed by Carlo Lizzani.

Unusual sounds on this seldom seen album including many dark, experimental avant pieces, some percussions laden tracks like Insidie Nascoste or the minimal Savana. Other favourites include the deep superb electronic jazz In Cammino with a nice african guitar solo, and the Electronic Afro track Alt Pericolo or the great oriental flute + percussions Piccolo Flauto.

Cat. number: CMT 1016/30
Year: 1980

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