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Licheni - Excerpt 1
Licheni - Excerpt 2
Licheni - Excerpt 3
Licheni - Excerpt 4

Simon Balestrazzi, Nicola Quiriconi


Label: Azoth

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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* 2021 Stock * Simon Balestrazzi and Nicola Quiriconi have performed together many times over the last few years both with the deep drone audio/visual project Daimon and Balestrazzi guesting with Quriconi’s long lived ensemble VipCancro. “Licheni” documents their first meeting as a duo and explores an adventurous sonic territory between free improv and microsound. Balestrazzi (T.A.C., Dream Weapon Ritual, A Sphere Of Simple Green et al.) has been around for more of three decades painstakingly experimenting in various fields, here his amplified objects and self built little instruments are confronted with the angular frequencies of Quiriconi’s voice and contact microphones. The overwhelmingly tactile sounds which the duo produces are so finely intertwined that like real life lichens each musician’s sound cell and particle needs the presence of the other’s to come to life, create dynamics, give way to a dense electroacoustic ecosystem where tiny sound objects, voice and assorted debris are bowed, struck, excited in every possible way.

“Licheni” is a journey with no discernible beginning or end, a fertile soil for the growth of new unpredictable sound forms.

Cat. number: rebis 009
Year: 2019

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