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Z'EV, Simon Balestrazzi


Label: Boring Machines

Format: CD

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Z’ev and Simon Balestrazzi are two masters of the industrial and post-industrial sound.
The first inventing his own world of self made metallic percussions, the second spreading the seeds of the industrial noise pollinated with electronica and future folk forms through his various outputs, T.A.C. (Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata), Dream Weapon Ritual and Candor Chasma.
This record takes shape from several encounters between the two. A Z’ev live recording in Cagliari, Sardinia from 2007 is the starting point of this collaborations. The recordings where made in a suggestive former mine called Cavità delle Cinque Colonne where Z’ev performed.
In their following encounters, Balestrazzi and Z’ev edited the piece, added new parts and finalized this fifty minutes of music.
Cavernous rumbles at times become violent hammering, with layers of subtle feedbacks swirling in the air. This six parts are sonically immersive, a phisical journey into the realms of the (literally) underground, transformed into a sensorial voyage.

Cat. number: BM055
Year: 2015