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Steadfast On Our Sand - excerpt
Steadfast On Our Sand - excerpt 2
File under: Video Art

J.H. Guraj

Steadfast on our Sand (LP)

Label: Boring Machines

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Steadfast on our Sand is a documentary about landscape creation and nature control. A mesmeric film about the islander community and its contradictory habits and traditions. A cowboy movie with herds running in the meadow at sunset and white horses resting in the dark of the night, a documentary film about artificial nature and landscape design, a scary movie with zombies and ghosts. J.H. Guraj contributed some music to the documentary by Zimmerfrei and we liked it so much we decided to release it as a stand-alone record. Recorded, produced, edited and mixed by Dominique Vaccaro. Field Recordings by Massimo Carozzi. Mastering by Giuseppe Ielasi

The ZimmerFrei collective was founded in Bologna in 2000 by three artists: Anna de Manincor (filmmaker), Massimo Carozzi (sound designer and musician) and Anna Rispoli, who now works as artist and director in Brussels. ZimmerFrei’s practice combines different languages and ranges from documentary films to video art, sound and environmental installations, photographic series, performances, workshops and installations in the public space. Depending on the project – developed by one, two or three members of the group – ZimmerFrei collaborates with various others artists and professionals.

File under: Video Art
Cat. number: BM088
Year: 2019

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