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Antonio Bertoni, Alberto Boccardi, Paolo Mongardi


Label: Boring Machines

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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“Litio” is the first album from the project composed by Alberto Boccardi (electronics), Antonio Bertoni (double bass) and Paolo Mongardi (drums).
After the release of “Fingers”, Cassauna - Important Records, Alberto asked Paolo and Antonio to join him in October ’14 for performing live the album. During the extensive tour dates the trio started to lay the groundwork to new materials, with the three feeling the need to work on something deeper,at the edge between electronics and acoustic. They close themselves in the studio and “Litio” took gradually shape.
The four tracks are slowly developing and re-shaping, from free form drums to ambient textures. Hypnotic and repetitive elements are put in contrast with nervous percussions and abrasive sounds, with atypical double bass feedback or noise in the background.

Cat. number: BM068
Year: 2016

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