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Hyperbeatz Vol.1 - excerpt 1
Hyperbeatz Vol.1 - excerpt 2
Hyperbeatz Vol.1 - excerpt 3
Hyperbeatz Vol.1 - excerpt 4


Hyperbeatz Vol.1 (LP+CD)

Label: Boring Machines

Format: LP + CD

Genre: Electronic

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dTHEd is Fabio Ricci (Vonneumann, Routine), Simone Lanari (Ask The White, Ant Lion, Walden Waltz, Sycamore Age), Isobel Blank (Ask The White, Ant Lion, Isobi, Vestfalia) and machines/AI. dTHEd was born in 2018: during the organization of the debut of Ask The White, Sum and Subtraction. Seeking some uninterested feedback, Fabio invited Simone and Isobel to listen to some of the hyperbeatz he had been working on after the release of vonneumann's album NorN. What he got back was an embryo of a very alien song. This sparked the start of a relentless, hyperkinetic and extremely creative period which led to the composition and production of an impressive amount of music. A selection of this music was then refined into eight songs which form the debut Hyperbeatz Vol. 1 now released on Boring Machines. dTHEd’s music theory is based on Timothy Morton’s concept and book Hyperobjects, and alternative sensory processing, neurodiversity. Musically it may resemble an insane mash-up between contemporary electronic music and the likes of Stravinskij, Stockhausen, Dhomont, Vaggione, Riley, Reich, etc. It is an active research on the possibilities offered by avant-garde electronic tools within variable metrics. dTHEd deploys a wide palette of electronic techniques (from sampling to AI) to create a hyper-music with a post-human aesthetics. Structures and beats are crafted to go beyond human possibilities. The idea is to defy the capacity to mentally anticipate patterns in real time or recreate them ex-post, as well as the sheer ability to actually perform them, without necessarily reaching high BPMs. This is a purely posthuman music: a music that acknowledges the fact that we have entered in the Age of Asymmetry (ref. Morton). dTHEd defines these post-human, diverse patterns: “hyperbeatz”. They represent the starting point of all the songs in the album. Once composed the hyperbeatz, the challenge was to build “pop-like” structures on the foundation of these alternative and unheard rhythmic figures. In line with this post-human, neurodiverse approach, the voice is utilized in a non-verbal manner: it contains no recognizable words, just sounds, bringing to the forefront Sassure’s issues of signs, signifiers and significance, and questioning how neurodiverse people may perceive the wide variety normotypical language(s) and the shared sets of symbols and signs which we give for granted. The extensive and deep use of a huge variety of characters, taken from all the languages of the world, for the titles of the tracks, purposely underlines this issue. Concepts like auditory chimeras, synesthesia and limits of bio-musical entrainment are therefore central to dTHEd’s musical production. dTHEd in parallel also develops graphical art prints and visuals that complement the project’s multisensorial approach and often accompany the live sets.

Cat. number: BM094LP+CD
Year: 2019

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