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The Smoke (excerpt)
File under: MinimalNo Wave

Glenn Branca

The Third Ascension

Label: Systems Neutralizers

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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The Third Ascension is a return to the 4-guitar, bass and drums format of his legendary 1981 release The Ascension as well as 2010's The Ascension: The Sequel. The recording is a live performance by The Glenn Branca Ensemble at NYC's The Kitchen in 2016.  Emerging from the late 70's No Wave scene and moving into composition, Branca’s 45 years of work as a composer included music for experimental rock bands, large ensemble instrumentals for electric guitars, symphonies for both electric instrumentation and acoustic orchestras, chamber ensembles, an opera, a ballet, choral works, and music for film, dance, theater, and installation art. Membership in his Ensemble jump started the careers of Sonic Youth, Swans and Helmet and his influence on the worlds of Rock, Contemporary Classical, Experimental, and New Music is incalculable.

File under: MinimalNo Wave
Cat. number: 07
Year: 2020