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F. Ampism

The Unstruck Sound Centre (Lp)

Label: Ikuisuus

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Edition of 250 copies. "Premiere loop-age and analogue slurping from Brighton’s F.Ampism. Put simply this record is a jitterbug in a bubbling pond, coz this collection of nine fine sound pieces are all about fluid movement and itchy digit fidgets. Songs like ‘The Loosest Caduceus’ ripple like time waves, setting off yeasty fireworks behind my eyes. ‘Sand/Blood/Glass’ becomes a relic from my formication nightmare. And ‘Absolute Beyond Ill’ drives gravity back into a wood-lined barrel. Oh yeah Ampish-man YEAH! The exotic is never far from your soft lugs in this particular sound centre – picture Colin McPhee dropping his early Gamelan recordings in rose water – the bronze gongs get sticky with heady perfume right? This record is the perfect partner for reflective fellowship and riotous merry making." - Joe Posset / Radio Free Midwich blog

Cat. number: IKU-049
Year: 2018

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