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Matsuo Ohno

The world of electro-acoustic sound and music 1

Label: King Records

Format: CD

Genre: Music from Japan

Out of stock

Back in stock and last copies. The name of Matsuo Ohno is well-known as a creator of sound effects of Japanese animation 'Astro Boy' (Takehisa Kosugi assisted in the work). This three issues are retrospective collection of his works includes unpublished electronic compositions from 70's to recent years. with 24 pp booklet, texts are in Japanese and English (with comment of Jim O'Rourke). New Sound of Astro Boy (1963-66). Electronic Sound - Astro Boy's B.G.M. Yamatoji A (1982). Sea Dream (1980). Yuragi #5 (1999). Yuragi #2 (1991). The original Astro Boy album was released twice as LP, first in 1975 and again in 1978, and as a CD in 1998. Unfortunately, both CD and LP were discontinued and the music is not available now except as expensive collector's items. In this releasem you will be able to hear about 20 minutes of the sound effects taken from the original Astro Boy album (as track #1 to #32).
Cat. number: KICP 2636
Year: 2005

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