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Thinking of Eternity - excerpt 1
Thinking of Eternity - excerpt 2
Thinking of Eternity - excerpt 3
Thinking of Eternity - excerpt 4


Thinking of Eternity (LP)

Label: Table Sports

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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**300 copies** In late 1998, using the same techniques by which he had composed the psychedelically inspired music of the year before, PBK spontaneously began working on a quartet of pieces as a tribute to the Cluster album he had become obsessed with. “All of my synthesizers and samplers would be set up and running via two synched midi-sequencers, everything mixed live while manipulating the sounds by hand to achieve these incremental timbral changes, the slow effect of tones fluxing and returning later in a changed form. I used sample loops that were appropriated but I can’t remember the sources. I combined them with synth sounds and noises and mixed it all very carefully in real-time.” The story stops there for nearly twenty years. As these things happen, a musician shelves a project for various reasons, maybe it seems unfinished, or they are distracted by other projects they are working on. In this case, his collaboration with Russian composer Artemiy Artemiev (Dreams In Moving Space), took precedence and attention, so PBK stored the master tape with thoughts of returning to the material at a later time. “But then a personal crisis happened in 1999 and with my marriage ended, the master tape went into storage and went unheard by any other ears until unearthed in 2016.”

Cat. number: TS3.112017
Year: 2019

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