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Strain - excerpt

Oto Hiax

Two (LP)

Label: Editions Mego

Format: LP

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Second phantasmagorical audio outing from Oto Hiax. Comprised of Mark Clifford (Seefeel) and Scott Gordon (Loops Haunt), Two expands the duo's unique take on spectral synthesis incorporating a diverse amount of approaches to experimental sound. Two expounds a hybrid mix of acoustic based audio design, ambient tonality, sound effects, music, abstraction, and world's hybrid video game soundtrack. There is something of an onomatopoeia quality to the release as the six tracks take on the character of their individual title. "Silt", "Dapple", "Overcurve", "Scutter", "Strain", and "Plates" appear as extremely well executed versions of the inferred intent of their namesake. This inquisitive approach will appeal to those interested in the more exploratory end of sound production providing hope as newly formed methods and colors are exposed from the duo's contemporary audio tactics. Seasoned veterans can lie in a bed of laurels whereas Two is an exemplary release reveling in the enthusiasm that comes from the joy of unabated exploration.

Cat. number: EMEGO 255LP
Year: 2019
Genre: Electronic
File under: computer music