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Label: áMARXE

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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The Galician duo Trajedesaliva (Mon Ninguén – music , synths & Una Vena – words, voice and visual concept) returns with Ultratumba, an album full of passion, anguish, bitterness and sadness. Guided by naked emotions as much as by sparkling intellect, this is a singular work, an architectural wonder of pure analog electronic sound as we have not heard for a long time, with splendorous timbres that tend to the dark but also to the emotionally devastating. An album that feels strangely interactive and dynamic, as though its music was never meant to be an end but a means. Very moving and demanding music, where the boundaries between dark ambient, synth prog, spoken word and industrial noise meet.

Cat. number: 0921
Year: 2020

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