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Julien A. Lacroix

Uruk Romantic Tales #2



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First official release from French artist Julien A. Lacroix, Uruk Romantic Tales #2 is a concept album based in a supposable Mesopotamian landscape, hanging between past and future recalling nor one or the other.
Born in 1984, Julien Lacroix works with instrumental recordings since several years. He recently improved his composing technic including pseudo-historical paradigms, short fantasies, acoustic & processing experimentations.
He picks fragments and ruins scattered on the ground, puts them together, and places them in imaginary scales and narrations lost in living memory. Lacroix's work is capable of suspending time and it transforms it into a vision, a continuous research which leads to an immersive form of music.

In the six passages of this album, he uses different stones and woods as percussion instruments or raw material digitally processed, strings, voices and electronic synthesis in a continuous oscillation between tension and expansion. It reminds the intimate side of Luc Ferrari and Jean-Claude Eloy's French electroacoustic, sometimes touching the obscure and abstract sonic compositions of Giancinto Scelsi

Cat. number: UDR11
Year: 2014
Genre: Electronic

Screeprinted on coloured paper
100 copies on green
50 copies on yellow