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Angelica Castello

Dos Cuacochis

Label: Upside Down Recordings

Format: TAPE

Genre: Sound Art

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 Cuacochi in Nahuatl language means “to sleep in a tree”. As a wind player myself I have always been particularly fascinated by the sound of the air through my instruments. As a performer and improviser I have developed a big palette of wind sounds, mixing them with related sounds such as static radio noise and white noise. The „cuachochi“ series are pieces about air and noise.... and sleeping

 The Tree weights the nest
 The wind weights the tree
 and fate the rest
 (Burkhard Stangl)

 For 9 players or 9 groups of players of any wind instruments plus at least 9 radios and 3 tubular bells
 commissioned by DAR and AIR Krems for The Representative Wind Orchestra of the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior
 Live recording of the Premiere on August 26 2016 at the Vilnius Culture, Entertainment and Sports Palace, in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Cat. number: UDR 18
Year: 2018

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