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Angelica Castello

Silvertone e il sentimento oceanico

Label: Monotype Records

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

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Outstanding tape from Angelica Castello (Mexico, 1972) one of the best electroacoustic composers of her generation "I see my music basically as a complex construction of associations, quotations, dreams, nightmares, real and unreal people, stories and reflections. 'erche">Silvertone e il sentimento oceanico' is about a big ship leaving' Angélica Castelló About Castelló's music: 'Music that is both visual and abstract, that calls forth memories and chases them away, that often seems to drift over from a different age, a different world, and yet is still grounded in the here and now. Complex, many-layered sound paintings, rough surfaces beneath which very often something concrete lurks: sounds full of warmth, poetic tenderness, moving fragility' By Andreas Felber about bestiario (der Standard) 'Music that evokes images and could easily be used as a great soundtrack. Evocative stuff that is just excellent' By Frans de waard about bestiario (Vital Weekly)

Cat. number: monoMC002
Year: 2013

Limited edition of 50 copies. Amarant blue C30 cassette and 8-page silk-screened booklet stored in a plain, wooden box.

Thanks to all involved in this work and: Attila Faravelli, Susanna Niedermayer, Free Sound, IGNM, Zeit-Ton, My Girls Choir

Dedicated to: Manuel Castelló-Tárrega Y Arroyo

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