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The songs are also a rather gentle and melodic bunch, with "I'll See You Again" and the tender "Forever" being particular highlights. Harper's usual collection of heavy friends are present, including Ian Anderson, Keith Moon, Jimmy Page and David Bedford, all of them contributing well. But as always, this is strictly Harper's show. 10 track album originally released in 1974. Guests include Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, Pete Sears and Max Middleton. Originally released on Valentine's Day 1974, VALENTINE is not exactly a collection of sweet love songs, unless you'd consider cuddling to tunes like "Male Chauvinist Pig Blues" and "Magic Woman (Liberation Shuffle)." On the other hand, this is probably Roy Harper's most straightforward and least oddball collection. The arrangements aren't as quirky as usual, though slickness just isn't in Harper's vocabulary. Personnel includes: Roy Harper, Keith Moon, Jimmy Page.
Cat. number: HUCD015
Year: 1994
Genre: Folk