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Zheul Jazz - excerpt 1

Sonata Islands Kommandoh

Zeuhl Jazz

Label: Artisti Del 900

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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**250 copies, 2020 stock** Sonata Islands is a cultural association, born from an idea of Emilio Galante, that promotes and performs new music and jazz. They organized many concerts and festivals in Italy. After Sonata Islands goes RIO (dedicated to the music of Univers Zero, Fred Frith and Thinking Plague) and Nippon Eldorado Kabarett (with the same musicians, dedicated to Japanese RIO music of the '80s with pieces by After Dinner, Wha Ha Ha, Kiyohiko Semba and Haniwa All Stars), here they pay homage to the mythical Christian Vander and Magma.

Emilio Galante composed two tracks of the album and plays flute, electronics. The other musicians involved are Giovanni Venosta who is a versatile musician and composer on keyboards (he is a super magma fan), Sergio Quagliarella who had the hard task to play drums, William Nicastro who is a great bass player and Alberto N.A. Turra who plays guitar and also composed two tracks of the album. The only original Magma piece of the album is Sohia (Kobaia) composed by Teddy Lasry who played flute and saxophone in the first Magma line ups. The album is completely instrumental except No More Zombies featuring the voice of Giovanni Venosta. They go through many “magmatic karmas” never loosing their personal approach. A must have for every Magma fan. The Cover with a true mega insect will attract all the vinyl lovers.

Here is their presentation of the record: “Our project is dedicated to the spirit of Magma’s music. This mythical French band, under the direction of its founder Christian Vander, starting from 1970 offered the listener a “celestial” (“zeuhl” in Kobaïan language) music, even though those skies might have been crystal clear or ominously dark. Each of our pieces tries to reflect this approach in composing and playing, with references to progressive avant-rock, modal jazz, R&B and eastern folk music.”

Cat. number: AD9 004
Year: 2018

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