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New Arrivals

Etudes From a Starship
Voin Oruwu is a project driven by Ukrainian artist Dmitriy Avksentiev. Etudes From a Starship is his second album and has been inspired by astral themes. The al…
CD | €13.00
Eleven Minarets
**300 copies** Previously released as part of Arab Quarter by Soleilmoon back in 1996, 11 Minarets, is a focused exploration on one theme which allowed Bryn Jon…
CD | €13.00
**300 copies** Ukrainian label Kvitnu has the honour of releasing these two musicians’ new album. Oksastus, which is the Finnish word for the process of graftin…
CD | €13.00
Salaam Alekum, Bastard
**CD version, 300 copies** Issued on Ukraine-via-Berlin label Kvitnu, for whom the release has an extra political resonance - outlined below - Salaam Alekum, Ba…
CD | €13.00
Salaam Alekum, Bastard (2LP)
A vital Muslimgauze classic from 1995, spying some of his sickest drum chops and opiated atmospheres from a cutlishly adored period of his catalog.
LP x 2 | €34.00
Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta (LP)
**500 copies** Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta is the second solo work of Ilpo Väisänen under his own name since 2001’s Asuma. 180g black vinyl record inlay…
LP | €13.50
La Polizia Accusa: il Servizio Segreto Uccide (LP)
**Limited Collectors Edition, 300 copies** Digitmovies releases the originally soundtrack by Luciano Michelini for the film Silent Action (aka Chopper Squad, or…
LP | €27.90
Genova a Mano Armata (LP)
**Limited Collectors Edition, 300 copies** Digitmovies is releasing the original soundtrack by Franco Micalizzi for the film Merciless Man (original title Genov…
LP | €27.90
Devil Got My Woman - Songs of Devilry, Doom & Voodoo (LP)
"A great selection of 1920s-50s blues/jazz tracks about the devil, hoodoo men, and dark tales of doom and misery by artists like Victoria Spivey, Blind Willie J…
LP | €16.90
Ephemeral (LP)
**White vinyl** Mingle keeps moving forward: right after Static and its apparent calm, Ephemeral, the brand new album, gets released. This marks Mingle's second…
LP | €14.90
Sweet Heritage (LP)
Rare private press Jazz-Funk with breaks and some spiritual influences reminiscent of Brother Ahh at times. The group cover Stevie Wonder’s You Are the Sunshine…
LP | €24.90
Space Jungle Luv (LP)
"Space Jungle Luv" emerged in 1976 (a year after the classic "African Rhythms" set) and marked a distinct change of direction for Plunky and co. Their feet were…
LP | €28.00
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Zviy (tape)
Active in the Ukrainian and Polish underground since the early '90's Svitlana Nianio has released music that weaves traditonal Slavic folk influences with hints…
TAPE | €9.00
Kris Vanderstraeten (Frederik Leroux, Dirk Serries, Timo van Luijk...), daniel duchamP (Wolfgang Fuchs, Karine Germaix, Dominique Vermeesch ....) and Bart De Pa…
TAPE | €9.00
African Rhythms (LP)
Remastered reissue of overproof and classic American R&B and Afro-jazz-funk LP from 1975, crammed with killer breaks and vibes for days. Includes previously unh…
LP | €28.00
Maggot Brain #2 (Mar/Apr/May 2020)
"Maggot Brain is a full-color, quarterly magazine edited by noted Detroit scribe Mike McGonigal: 100+ pages packed with phenomenal content -- art, music, litera…
Magazine | €15.00

Best Sellers

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Shutting Down Here (LP)
Shutting Down Here is a special work. Symbolically, it covers a period of thirty years, between two visits by Jim O'Rourke to the GRM, the first, as a young man…
LP | €18.90
Huellas Entreveradas (LP)
Beatriz Ferreyra has been at the forefront of electroacoustic music composition since 1963 when she joined the Groupe de Recherches Musicales as one of Pierre S…
LP | €24.90
Aurora (LP)
LP version. First vinyl reissue. Souffle Continu Records present a reissue Le Théâtre du Chêne Noir's Aurora, originally released in 1971. In 1972, Steve Lacy r…
LP | €21.90
Dadarottenvator (LP, wooden box)
**199 copies, in process of stocking** "Merzbow stands as the most important artist in noise music. The moniker of Japanese artist Masami Akita was born in Toky…
LP, wooden box | €30.00

Upcoming Releases

AMMMusic (Lp)
LP | €17.90
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