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New Arrivals

Atlantean Fusebox (Tape)
* Edition of 75. Cardboard slipcase, with insert card. * Recorded in Dunedin and Turku, 2019 Mastered by Forbes Williams. Sleeve art & design by Tim Cornelius. …
Tape | €7.00
Spatial Awareness (Tape)
* Edition of 60 * Spatial Awareness includes David Edren - Spelonk, Sunhiilow - Waves of Sunlight, Pulse Emitter - The Road to Thrax, Embla Quickbeam - Radiant …
Tape | €7.00
Pisces (2 Tapes)
* Edition of 70 * Recorded January 2020 in Drogenbos, Belgium. Players: Tony Marie, Ernesto Gonzalez, Jonas Vanhullebusch, Seif Gaber, Tomas Dittborn.
2 Tapes | €11.00
New Galactic Windows 3 (Tape)
* Edition of 100 * New Galactic Windows 3 includes: Minea - Aomame, Lau Nau - Caprellidira, Koho/Numminen - Ystävänpäivä, S Tanner - Not going to look at any di…
Tape | €6.00
Songs in the Attic / Live at Leeds (Tape)
* Edition of 100 * Side A, recorded live 14.5.2020 at Musa Ullakolla 6 Online Festival. Side B, duo with Stuart Arnot, recorded live 18.11.2015 at Wharf Chamber…
Tape | €6.00
Saigon Supersound 1964-75 Volume Two (Lp)
Saigon Supersound Continues… to present more interesting tunes of a musical era that has long been obscured. With the well-received Volume 1, we are very deligh…
LP | €23.90
Saigon Supersound 1965-75 Volume One (Lp)
What started as an idea 5 years ago now becomes reality with the release of Saigon Supersound Vol.1, compiled by Jan Hagenkötter. A compilation about the story …
LP | €23.90
Philopsis (LP)
In the vast world of Library Music, Philopsis with its enigmatic cover artwork stands as an exception. Philopsis was released in 1978 on Freesound – a sub-divis…
LP | €28.00
Harlem Pop Trotters (Lp)
Harlem Pop Trotters is one of the best jazzfunk albums in the French library, and one of the grooviest too. Written & produced by Jean Claude Pierric & Françoi…
LP | €19.90
Shades Of... Anthology (3LP)
**Black Friday Record Store Day 2020 Edition** In downtown New York City, in 1979, painter Jean-Michel Basquiat and performance artist Michael Holman founded th…
3xLP | €62.00
Yeo-Neun (LP)
** small repress, absolutely astounding! ** Anyone encountering the efforts of the cellist, Okkyung Lee, faces an unavoidable truth. She’s an unreckonable force…
LP | €18.90
Noise In The Library (LP)
* 2020 Stock * Bob Rutman's life could be compared to the life of Odysseus, although we're not here to write his biography. Putojefe is happy to present his phe…
LP | €17.90
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Vortice Rosso
Putojefe Records is proud to present Vortice Rosso, the first album by Italian composer Flavio Bonometti: a tumultuous journey through the languages of the avan…
CD | €12.00
Music for 18 Musicians
With Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians, the French ensemble Links presents a classic of the 20th century: Written in 1978, it was Reich’s first work for a la…
CD | €16.00
“All works of this album are part of my Fluxus cycle, which is inspired by physical phenomena associated with fluid mechanics. Space is not a mere concept: It i…
CD | €16.00
Cleopatra's Songs
“Give me some music!” These words from Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, which open Cleopatra’s Songs, seem particularly well chosen to characterize Agata Zub…
CD | €16.00

Best Sellers

Kofu (LP)
LP | €24.90
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Myscitismes (LP)
Bristling with youthful innovation and rebellion that demands to be lived in and explored, this long awaited, first time stand-alone vinyl reissue of Vox Populi…
LP | €19.90
Six Operators (Lp)
Mindblowing **Edition of 250** Unreleased before, this is their proper second effort, re-recorded in 2017. Ambienti Coassiali's Six Operators was recorded with …
LP | €17.90
Mi specchio e rifletto (2LP)
Tip - this is stunning! Since their launch in mid-2000s, the New York based imprint, Unseen Worlds, has continued to set an incredibly high bar through the eart…
2 LP | €32.00
Snapshot from the Island (LP)
A rare pearl of Hungarian experimental music, Tibor Szemzo’s sublime debut album Snapshot From The Island [1987] is widely regarded as one of the best ambient …
LP | €23.90

Upcoming Releases

Cinema (LP)
LP | €30.00
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