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New Arrivals

Hazel (2 LP + Booklet)
Cosmic yet intimate, long-gestating and free-flowing, diffuse and centered, Dukes turned toward their immediate sanctum, and a network of friends and colleagues…
2 LP | €30.90
Contact (LP)
* Watercolor Blue Vinyl * Greg Fox’s Contact is an extension and evolution of the multidisciplinary artist’s rigorous, virtuosic sound-making practices. On Cont…
Colored LP | €24.90
Room for the Moon (LP)
Kate NV is the project of Russia-born recording artist, songwriter, and producer Kate Shilonosova. Best known in her hometown of Moscow as the lead singer and f…
LP | €24.90
The Flam (LP)
Black Saint present a reissue of Frank Lowe, one of the most powerful tenor sax voices in the post Free Jazz era and one of the main figures in the mid Seventie…
LP | €15.90
Xièxie (2 CD)
* 2020 stock * A week before leaving, I bought a dictionary and phrasebook. Covered in rain, during the days and even the nights, Shanghai was lit in a glow, a …
2 CD | €22.00
Continents - Remastered (2 CD)
Originally self-released in 2006 in a limited edition CDR+mCDR handmade package. Remastered by Stephan Mathieu. Note: Some skips, noise, clipping, or other arte…
2 CD | €16.00
The Lodgers (LP)
The Lodgers: A horror set in Ireland’s ‘most haunted house. Burning Witches Records are proud to present the beautiful hauntingly gothic score to The Lodgers by…
LP | €26.90
In Memory Of A Summer Day (Lp)
Day Of Light, the first album by Chicago musician Constantine, released as a private edition in 2015, took the underground psych-folk scene by storm and it's no…
LP | €21.00
Electronic Voyages: Early Moog Recordings 1964-1969 (LP)
In support of their forthcoming Bob Moog documentary Electronic Voyager, Waveshaper Media have produced a compilation LP of Moog recordings from the 1960s. The …
LP | €19.90
A l'ombre des roches (LP)
* Limited Edition of 50. Transparent smokey crystal vinyl * An extraordinary twilight world opens while listening to Organizatisya. Adventurous yet humble, they…
LP | €24.90
Music For Dance & Theatre - Volume Two (12")
‘Music For Theatre And Dance – Volume Two’ is the second in a small series of EPs that will focus on music which was initially created for or inspired by dance …
12" | €18.90
Habiba (LP)
Available on vinyl for the first time since its original release in 1974, Outernational Sounds proudly presents one of the most sought-after international jazz …
LP | €21.90
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Music For Violin Alone
"Music for Violin Alone" was recorded in a makeshift studio in an empty house in Le Poujol sur Orb during the first two weeks of the French lockdown. Recorded b…
CD | €11.50
Locomotion (Lp)
Tip! Colored vinyl edition. This grooviest French jazz-funk and avant-garde album features Henri Texier and Bernard Lubat led by by the famous French pianist Ma…
LP | €19.90
Notes From The Forest Floor ​/ ​Line Of Parts (LP)
* Edition of 250 on clear vinyl * A split sided album with Chris Watson and Georgia Rodgers, pairing two artists whose works here show different but complimenta…
LP | €18.90
Emosyon Tambou-A (LP)
**300 copies** In the early eighties, Edmond Mondésir, professor of philosophy and Léon Bertide, trade unionist, founded the Bèlènou group. They were actors of …
LP | €23.90

Best Sellers

Kofu (LP)
LP | €24.90
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Myscitismes (LP)
Bristling with youthful innovation and rebellion that demands to be lived in and explored, this long awaited, first time stand-alone vinyl reissue of Vox Populi…
LP | €19.90
Dimensioni Sonore (10LP)
One of the most 'hidden' and sought after releases of all times is finally getting a due repress: a work of epic proportions, Ennio Morricone's and Bruno Nicola…
10xLP | €180.00
Six Operators (Lp)
Mindblowing **Edition of 250** Unreleased before, this is their proper second effort, re-recorded in 2017. Ambienti Coassiali's Six Operators was recorded with …
LP | €17.90
Yeo-Neun (LP)
** small repress, absolutely astounding! ** Anyone encountering the efforts of the cellist, Okkyung Lee, faces an unavoidable truth. She’s an unreckonable force…
LP | €18.90

Upcoming Releases

Black Mass (Pink LP)
Colored LP | €25.90
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