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Christian Wolff

Wolff was born in Nice in France, moving to the United States in 1941 and become an American citizen in 1946. He studied classics at Harvard University and upon graduating took up a teaching post there which he kept until 1970 when he began to teach classics and music at Dartmouth College. While at Harvard, Wolff associated himself with the composer John Cage and the group around him (Earle Brown, Morton Feldman). His early work includes a lot of silence. Later pieces often give a degree of freedom to the performers, and some works, such as Changing the System (1973), have an explicitly political element.

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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Tilbury Pieces Christian Wolff Tilbury Pieces Mode mode 74 CD 16.50    
Berlin Exercises Christian Wolff Berlin Exercises God Records GOD 041LP Compositional LP 19.90    
John Cage / Christian Wolff John Cage - Christian Wolff John Cage / Christian Wolff JEANNE DIELMAN JD 118LP Experimental LP 16.90    
Pianist: Pieces (3Cd) Christian Wolff Pianist: Pieces (3Cd) SUB ROSA SR389 CDx3 16    
8 duos Christian Wolff 8 duos NEW WORLD RECORDS NW 80734CD Electronic CD 24.00    
Christian Wolff / Keith Rowe Christian Wolff - Keith ROWE Christian Wolff / Keith Rowe ERSTWHILE RECORDS ErstLive 010 Electronic CD 14.50    
Kompositionen 1950 - 1972 Christian Wolff Kompositionen 1950 - 1972 EDITION RZ Ed. RZ 1023-24 2CD Sound Art CDx2 24.90    
Ten Exercises Christian Wolff Ten Exercises NEW WORLD RECORDS NW 80658 Compositional Form CD 13    
Early Piano Music (1951-1961) Christian Wolff Early Piano Music (1951-1961) MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD51 Compositional CDx2 24.00    
Uncertain Outcomes (2Cd) Eddie PREVOST - Christian Wolff Uncertain Outcomes (2Cd) MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD 96 Experimental CDx2 19.90  
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Looking around Christian Wolff - Michael Pisaro Looking around ERSTWHILE RECORDS erstwhile 080 Experimental CD 7.90  
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Seaside Christian Wolff - John TILBURY - John Lely - Dirar Kalash Seaside ANOTHER TIMBRE AT100 Experimental CD 14  
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San Francisco Museum Of Art, January 16th, 1965 (2Lp) David Tudor - John Cage - Christian Wolff San Francisco Museum Of Art, January 16th, 1965 (2Lp) Modern Silence OI014 Experimental LPx2 29.90  
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Exercise 15 Christian Wolff Exercise 15 EDITION WANDELWEISER EWR 0409 Experimental CD 14.50  
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Angelica Music Christian Wolff Angelica Music I DISCHI DI ANGELICA IDA 030 Experimental CD 14.50  
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