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Christian Wolff, Eddie Prévost

Uncertain Outcomes (2Cd)

Label: Matchless Recordings

Format: CDx2

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Two concerts of experimental improvisation from Eddie Prevost and Christian Wolff, two giants of conceptual improvisation and composition, recorded at Ikletick in London in 2015 and at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire in 2016; with superb pacing and brilliant execution, these dialogs between keyboard and percussive instruments explore unique sound worlds with depth, inquisitiveness, and a sense of wonder.

Cat. number: MRCD 96
Year: 2017
File under: Improvising

Christian Wolff, piano et Eddie Prévost, percussions.
Deux concerts enregistrés à Londres en 2015 et aux Etats-Unis en 2016.