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File under: Free Improvisation

Yann Charaoui , John Lely, Seymour Wright


Label: Matchless Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Matchless Recordings presents a live concert by Yann Charaoui, John Lely and Seymour Wright recorded at Gateway Studios, Kingston-upon-Thames on 2nd August 2000. The album includes four tracks performed by Yann Charaoui - cymbals and table top samplers, John Lely - piano and prepared bal-bal tarang, Seymour Wright - alto saxophone.

"The new austerity on the first CD from the young exponents of the growing art of the year 2000, this approach in which traditional musical instruments are twisted into complex sound transformers which match the new sound sources available from the burgeoning electronics and computer sciences has become a medium in its own right." - Eddie Prévost.

File under: Free Improvisation
Cat. number: MRCD 42
Year: 2000

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