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Daniel Rozenhall


Label: Fylkingen Records

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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A re-mastering and repackaging of two previously released LP’s (2001 & 2003), this CD is a collection of 5 quite different pieces. All are mixed-moving-surrounding sounds and natural and manipulated noise - some can be considered as drone though they aren’t at all. No name for Rozenhall’s style. Very intense. As the CD liner notes say, “Play loud!”. Trk 1: “A Plumage…” - Early 60’s satellite type mixed sounds going round and round the Earth, then they come at you. Grabs your ears with claws. Short piece but seems longer and moves through many uncomfortable spaces. Trk 2: “Eyeland Part 1″ - Beginning of track has air movement sounds from what I can only imagine being inside the bellows of a large pipe organ - and descends into places you don’t like to look at from there. Trk 3: “Eyeland Part 2″ - Total directed road-trip of ear-candy/pain. 26s of silence at end of track. Trk 4: “Grig-ailment” - Totally electronic and is like a lost child wandering in fear. Trk 5: “Sinister Laburnum” - long tones experimenting with micro-tonal collisions and distortions. Works well.
Cat. number: FYCD 1029
Year: 2009
Recorded at EMS, Stockholm. Tracks 1–3 were originally released on the LP Eyeland (Firework Edition Records, FER 1042) in 2003. Tracks 4–5 were originally released on the LP Miasmasun (Firework Edition Records, FER 1032) in 2001. All tracks were digitally re-mastered in 2007 for this CD edition.

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