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Sebastian Lexer


Label: Matchless Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Sebastian Lexer piano +. Recorded at the Electronic Music Studios, Goldsmiths, University of London on 16th November 2008. Max/MSP programming, recording and mastering by Sebastian Lexer. Notes by Eddie Prévost, Ian Stonehouse and John Tilbuy. Design by Myah Chun. I am impressed by the varying degrees of intentionality and the spatial deployment of sounds (isolated, remote, etc.) which enrich Lexer's music. Shades of Cardew and Wolff. For example, in an ensemble the piano sound can be effectively subsumed, not obliterated, into the context; different degrees of presence, from the soloistic to a situation where its contribution is barely perceived but none the less telling -- overheard rather than heard, working in the nooks and crannies, fleetingly emerging from time to time. Lexer aims to expand performance by making studio techniques available on stage and including electro-acoustic techniques in live performance -- making the physically impossible possible. Decay and the way it is extended and metamorphosed through electronic treatment. Lexer's music comprises and juxtaposes the whole repertoire of tones, and noises, associated with the piano. All those sounds just faintly associated with the piano are brought into focus and brought to musical life. The piano creates its own delicate accompaniment of quasi aleatoric, electronic noises; these subsidiary 'noises' are always interesting. Lexer's piano is a kind of Pandora's Box; this intrigues me. John Tilbury extract from the liner notes.
Cat. number: MRCD 74
Year: 2009

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