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Max Goldt

L'Eglise Des Crocodiles


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

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This is the second release of max goldt's early tape music on gagarin records, and yet another brilliant collection of his percussive metallic miniatures. Max has been busy with his music since the late 1970s but is nowadays much more known in germany for his writing. as on the previous album "there are grapefruit hearts to be squeezed in the dark", most of the tracks are created with a simple set-up of prepared acoustic guitar, (pitched) voice, zither, some effect pedals and a multi-track recorder. the rhythmic patterns are played by hand using his self-invented "rubbermind method". Side 1 contains the original six tracks of the long-deleted 10" ep "l'eglise des crocodiles" from 1983. All of them have been carefully re-mastered. Watch out for the iron lady! master, be patient! beware of the modern powders! Type along with the strange secretary! all of these essential subjects are dealt with here. Side 2 offers another half dozen rubbermind tracks, this time some unknown examples that have never been released before. Listen to the ominous story of aunt rahmbein who suffocated in a ring cake. Immerse yourself in miss zander's world of symbols ("my husband is only a symbol for the steel crisis in saarland"). No matter if you dance on air or with uncle joe, your feet will be carried by secret forces from groove to groove... max goldt's humorous, disturbing lyrics sometimes take on the quality of short radio plays. As we consider them just as important as the music, we decided to print them on the inner sleeve in german and english version. (label info)
Cat. number: GR2024
Year: 2011

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