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Fog Frog - excerpt 1
Fog Frog - excerpt 2

Felix Kubin, Mark Boombastik, Max Goldt

Fog Frog (7")

Label: Meeuw Muzak

Format: 7"

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

A collaborative 7” featuring the talents of author, musician and columnist Max Goldt reconstituted by self confessed dadaist Felix Kubin and beat-box master Mark Boombastik. Side-A sees Kubin and Boombastic applying a new skin to Goldt's hotel room reading of 'Fog Frog'. In this case, a break-beat techno/mid '90s drum 'n' bass skin that most definitely features the sound of radiators being hit with sticks. Flip it and we are taken back to 1983 for a re-run of Goldt's 'post-feminist pre-ejaculation' statement 'Ladies, Ladies'. This is the real deal. Clunky treated percussion and an insistent warble of a beat keep this groove super fresh with Goldt's 'The Future Is Female' statement ringing loud and true. (Norman Records)

Cat. number: MM039
Year: 2011