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Australian Sun - excerpt 1
Australian Sun - excerpt 2
File under: NoveltyPsych-Pop

Harry Merry

Australian Sun (7")

Label: Meeuw Muzak

Format: 7"

Genre: Psych

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What about Harry Merry? Harry Den Hartog is a talented singer and songwriter from Rotterdam in the Netherlands where music drew his attention from a young age. At the age of eight he got his first piano lessons and in the '90s he started to compose his own music using several keyboards like Casio wk3500 and Roland E-86. His music is quite pleasant, flashy and a little bit crazy, with his tracks having an absolute mastership of the pop formula. On this 7" single released by Meeuw Muzak, Harry Merry gifts us with something very special: 'Australian Sun", was produced for a highly decorated Belgian barrel organ called De Pansfluiter that is located in Gouda in the Netherlands. The barrel organ is technically similar to the pipe organ, and its sounds are produced by 'reading' an analog score 'written' on wooden cylinders using metal pins and staples. Geniously, Harry Merry exploited such a traditional way of producing sounds to create a warm and melodic song, which is also available as an instrumental version on the flip side.

File under: NoveltyPsych-Pop
Cat. number: MM042
Year: 2012