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Conrad Schnitzler

Conrad Schnitzler has been an institution in the German electronic music scene for thirty years. He studied with Joseph Beuys in the mid 1960’s, and in the late sixties joined the then fledgling German rock band Tangerine Dream. He added a bizarre, conceptual approach to Tangerine Dream that catapulted the band to legendary status; Schitzler left after that first album, forming with his friends Moebius and Roedelius the band Kluster. Since the demise of Kluster, Schnitzler has released dozens of albums, cassettes and CDs, both on his own and on various labels around the world.

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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Conrad & Sohn Conrad Schnitzler Conrad & Sohn CREEL PONE CP 005 CD Electronic CD 13.50    
Kollektion 05: Conrad Schnitzler Compiled and Assembled by Thoma Conrad Schnitzler Kollektion 05: Conrad Schnitzler Compiled and Assembled by Thoma Bureau B BB 188LP Electronic LP + CD 18.90    
Con-struct Conrad Schnitzler - Schneider TM Con-struct Bureau B BB 252 Electronic LP + CD 18.90    
Gruen (Lp) Conrad Schnitzler Gruen (Lp) Bureau B BB195 Electronic LP 18.90    
Gelb (Lp) Conrad Schnitzler Gelb (Lp) Bureau B BB196 Electronic LP 18.90    
Silber (Lp) Conrad Schnitzler Silber (Lp) Bureau B BB 149LP Electronic Vinyl LP 18.90    
Gold Conrad Schnitzler Gold Bureau B BB 150CD Electronic CD 15.90    
Contempora Conrad Schnitzler Contempora Bureau B BB134LP Electronic LP 18.90    
Contempora Conrad Schnitzler Contempora Bureau B BB134CD Electronic CD 16.90    
Contempora Conrad Schnitzler Con 3 Bureau B BB 122LP Electronic Vinyl LP 16.90    
Endtime Conrad Schnitzler Endtime M=MINIMAL MM-010 Electronic Vinyl LPx2 19.90    
Consequenz Conrad Schnitzler Consequenz Schnitzler Private Pressing KS 1004 Electronic Vinyl LP 60.00    
Trigger Trilogy Conrad Schnitzler Trigger Trilogy IMPORTANT RECORDS IMPREC 114CD Electronic CDx3 box 28.00    
Technology (2LP Clear) Maurizio Bianchi Technology (2LP Clear) ROTORELIEF ROTOR0062-clear Electronic LPx2 36  
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Extruder (Lp clear) Conrad Schnitzler - PHARMAKUSTIK Extruder (Lp clear) ROTORELIEF ROTOR0066-clear Electronic LP 24  
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