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Upcoming releases

Zoviet France LP bundle (17LP)
**Limited Edition Pressings of eleven separate Zoviet France Albums circa 1988-1993 now available as standalone, in bundle. Beautiful remastered editions, 300 copies only **  :Zoviet*France: is an idiosyncratic group of anonymous music makers, gather…
17LP Bundle | €230.00
Try And Love (LP)
Music history is full of miracles and wonders. Ofege is certainly one of them. It's quite easy to imagine this band's story turning into a movie. In 1973, a bunch of teenagers with an abundance of passion for music got their hands on the official sch…
LP | €22.90
Orphee 2000 (LP)
Reissue of very rare French spiritual / political Avant-garde Jazz - Think Brigitte Fontaine meets Alice Coltrane via the Middle East. The soundtrack of a cult play from the “Chêne Noir” Theatre. A spiritual jazz work tinged with poetry and oriental …
LP | €21.90
Lydglimt (LP)
An otherworldly  blend of ethereal ambient, new age with inherent discofied undertones - reissued!  Pressed at Pallas in a 500 copy run only &  comes with a beautiful booklet !  Frederiksberg Records is proud to announce 40th anniversary LP reissue  …
LP | €29.90
Fischgeist (LP)
Fischgeist is the third solo album by Tomoko Sauvage, a Paris-based Japanese experimental musician and sound artist. For more than a decade, she’s been working on her unique ‘natural synthesizer’ by combining water, hydrophones and glass or ceramic b…
LP | €18.90
Châsse Vol.2 (17LP Wooden Box w. Shirt and Booklet)
**Edition of 400 copies** :Zoviet*France: is an idiosyncratic group of anonymous music makers, gatherers of sound, and fabricators of unknown music. For nearly 40 years, they have explored and reported back from the liminal areas of music and composi…
17LP Wooden Box w. Shirt and Booklet | €279.00
Shouting at the Ground (2LP)
**300 copies** The quintessential ZF. "'Shouting at the Ground' showed a dramatic improvement in sound quality and production from their earlier albums - all of which, by the way, are excellent in their own right.  What we have here are an arsenal of…
LPx2 | €27.90
To the Quiet Man From a Tiny Girl (yellow vinyl) + Merzbild Schwet (blue vinyl) - 2LP Bundle
**Special Bundle, yellow and blue vinyls. Very few copies available** Two absolutely stunning, long out of print early artifacts from Nurse With Wound's seminal catalog - 1980's To the Quiet Men from a Tiny Girl and Merzbild Schwet - reissued on viny…
2LP bundle | €47.00
The End of Nothing, the Beginning of Everything (LP)
**300 copies** Never released before 1990 album. More information is coming soon.
LP | €16.90
Just an Illusion (2LP)
**300 copies**  Just An Illusion represents a continuation of the Zoviet France electronic style of the late 80s early 90s. Together, Acend A Fall and Caught In The Square comprise a hypnotic masterpiece. A combination of industrial grinding, modifie…
LPx2 | €27.90
Russian Heterodoxical Songs (LP)
**300 copies** Never released before 1988 album. More information is coming soon.
LP | €16.90
Look into Me (2LP)
**300 copies** Look Into Me contains a combination of industrial grinding, modified guitar and electronics. Other tracks apply synthesizers and tape loops with far more sophistication and impact than on the earlier albums. Zoviet France cycle and rec…
LPx2 | €27.90
Shadow, Thief of the Sun (2LP)
**300 copies** Released just before a four-year layoff, Shadow, Thief of the Sun is both one of Zoviet France:'s better releases as well as one of its rarer albums (the label it was on, Death of Vinyl, had limited distribution and eventually went out…
LPx2 | €27.90
Collusion (2LP)
**300 copies** Zoviet France's Collusion released on the short-lived Mute imprint The Grey Area, is a collection of pieces Zoviet France contributed to compilations between 1984 and 1990. While none of the tracks stands out, they collectively provide…
LPx2 | €27.90
Vienna 1990 (LP)
**300 copies**One long, slowly-unfolding live track, Vienna 1990, originally released as a CD-R, is a single disc-length improvisation which explores the outer limits of ominous minimalism. These recordings are taken from two performances at Szene Wi…
LP | €16.90
What Is Not True (2LP)
**300 copies** For a band which had performed only a handful of live shows during its first decade, the bulk of Zoviet France’s ’90s releases are performance documents. What Is Not True assembles three long tracks from shows in Sheffield and Nottingh…
LPx2 | €27.90
Further Collusion (2LP)
**300 copies** Constructed from an array of samples and environmental recordings plus plenty of feedback, Zoviet France's Collusion exudes a rare beauty for an album of such varied sounds (each track was originally released on a different compilation…
LPx2 | €27.90
Anabasi (LP)
* Edition of 200 * Founded by a collective of musicians involved in radical improvisation and contemporary classical music, since 2011 Florence-based ensemble Blutwurst has focused their research on the acoustic exploration of sustained tones and slo…
LP | €15.90
To the Quiet Man From a Tiny Girl + Merzbild Schwet (2LP Bundle)
**Special Bundle. Exclusive United Diaries edition, 300 copies, on green and red vinyls. Very few copies available** Two absolutely stunning, long out of print early artifacts from Nurse With Wound's seminal catalog - 1980's To the Quiet Men from a T…
2LP bundle | €47.00
Entangled Visions - Standard Edition (Tape)
Entangled Visions is the inaugural release of the homonym just-born Experimental Electronics label, based in Italy. Eight moments from eight different artists united by the same goals: disorientation and alienation through sound research and experime…
Tape | €12.00
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