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Upcoming releases

Live In Brighton 1975 (3LP - Golden Vinyl )
Limited edition first pressing on Gold vinyl packaged in triple gatefold sleeve, with 12” 4 page booklet that includes new extensive sleeve notes by journalist and authors Kriss Needs and Rob Young.     Includes high definition audio download code.  …
LPx3 | €36.00
Portrait of a Soul (2x10")
Beautiful reissue of the 2000 album on FBWL, guitar ballads about Day, Evening, Night and Dawn. Remastered in 2014 by Taylor Deupree at 12k.
2x10" | €23.90
At Issue (LP)
A unique live performance at Issue Project Room gathered the former Sonic Youth member and artist Kim Gordon and the legendary minimal blues master and artist Loren Connors in 2014.  In December 2014, the Issue Project Room venue in New York City off…
LP | €23.90
Live (LP)
* Ltd. to 285 copies, silkscreened jacket with obi (tan or light blue), inserts and postcard * An’archives are proud to present a reissue of the self-titled first album by the trio of Akiko Hotaka, Takuya Nishimura and Ikuro Takahashi. Originally rel…
LP | €25.90
Sweet Inspirations at Muon (LP+CD)
* Ltd. to 385 copies incl. cdep, silkscreened jacket with obi (orange or yellow), inserts and postcard * With the release of Sweet Inspirations At Muon, the first appearance on vinyl of Tori Kudo’s mythical early ‘80s primitive rock gang Sweet Inspir…
LP + CD | €27.90
Watch Devil Go
* Deluxe reissue, with obi strip + 8 page booklet, 180g vinyl *To write these few lines, we spoke to saxophonist François Jeanneau, an old friend of Jacques Thollot who also played on several of his albums, including the “Watch Devil Go” which inter…
LP | €23.90
* Deluxe reissue, with obi strip + 4 page booklet, 180g vinyl* In November 1976, Jef Gilson’s phone rang. What a surprise! It was Serge Rahoerson, one of the musicians he had met in Madagascar at the end of the 60s and who had played on his first alb…
LP | €23.90
Pyramid Pieces 2: Modern Jazz Australia 1969-1980 (LP)
Following the critical acclaim of the 2020 compilation Pyramid Pieces, The Roundtable return with a second offering of modernist jazz from Australia. Another vital document further examining the nation's jazz scene during the late 1960s and 70s. A fe…
LP | €25.90
Through Mysterious Barricades with George Maciunas (LP + Book)
** Ltd. to 300 copies, incl. printed inner sleeve + 20 page full-size booklet ** The first vinyl LP release from Fluxus pioneer Alison Knowles (b. 1933). Sounds from the Book of Bean is an assemblage of noises and texts related to The Book of Bean (1…
LP | €32.00
Abba (2CD)
Tip! ** A massive new double album from Blod and the first CD-only release on Discreet Music. In the artists' own words: "ABBA was recorded during the summer of 2021 in my garage in Mölndal outside of Gothenburg. I believe the album has some kind of …
2CD | €19.90
Any Way, Shape, or Form (4CD Box)
Tip! **Special Edition Deluxe CD Box Set, over 4 hours of music, edition of 200 copies** Adam Pacione's finely crafted, deeply affecting drone work has found its place in the upper echelon of modern ambient artistry. Once heard, the gorgeous fluidity…
4CD Box | €42.00
Contemporary African-Amerikan Music (Lp)
Stunning conscious avant-garde free jazz featuring Roland P. Young originally released in 1975 on the eclectical 1750 Arch records.
LP | €21.00
Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura
* Remastered. Edition of 500 copies, comes with a 12pp booklet * Beat Records is happy to release on CD the OST composed by Ennio Morricone for the 1971 Giallo movie “Gli occhi freddi della paura” (aka “The Cold Eyes of Fear”), directed by Enzo G. Ca…
CD | €16.00
Marine Flowers (Science Fantasy)
Tip! Originally released on 1986, 35th anniversary Marine Flowers’ first remastered, reissue. Genuinely composed as a documentary for Marine wildlife filmed in Palau and commissioned by Pionner's Laser Disc campaign.  Some artists have gained huge re…
LP | €24.90
Kofu II (LP)
* 180g LP, presented in a debossed sleeve with obi strip and include a 16-page insert with words in Japanese and English from Meitei, printed on premium paper stock with design by Kitchen. Limited edition * Meitei’s 2020 album Kofū was the bold booke…
LP | €32.00
Jazz Poetry from Hungary (Tape)
* Edition of 70 copies * Classic recording of Hungarian-American poet/translator Gabor G. Gyukics together with Hungarian improvisers Béla Ágoston, Viktor Bori and Csaba Pengő, exhaling words and sounds in surreal late night jazz clouds of instant co…
Tape | €9.00
1983 - 1986
MLD (Minimal Lethal Dose) was a japanese project lead by Takayuki Shiraishi after his first mythical release with BGM on Vanity Records in 1980.  Made with the help of Jun Sonohara it was active between 1983 and 1986 in Tokyo. This compilation collec…
LP | €21.90
Morning and Evening Ragas Vol. 2 (LP)
**100 copies** in Pat Murano's words: in 2014, I lost my way. The path that I confidently strode my entire adult life was abruptly lost to a chaotic bramble of sadness, doubt and loss. After a few years of being truly unable to engage with my music, …
LP | €28.90
The Obelisk OST
* Edition of 100. Housed in High Quality folded card stock silk screened * The Obelisk I imagined a movie. The movie, made in 2029, begins as Two Lovers drive through an unending forest — already we are disoriented — Germany? Russia? The Ozarks? And …
LP | €28.90
Modal Instrumental Pop of 1970s Egypt (2LP)
2LP tip-on gatefold jacket with rare photos and extensive liner notes by Hisham Mayet. Sublime Frequencies finally unleashes its essential compilation from 1970s Egypt, produced and compiled by Hisham Mayet. Modal instrumental tracks from Baligh Hamd…
2LP | €32.00
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